The Best Book I Have Ever Read About the Holocaust

“Angel of the Ghetto” is divided into two parts. The first half recounts Sam Solasz’s remarkable, unbelievable exploits in the Bialystok Ghetto during the Holocaust which, by comparison, make James Bond’s activities look like Mister Double-O-Seven was doing nothing. The second half is even more extraordinary, detailing how Sam, a Holocaust survivor, came to the USA after World War II with only $10.00 to his name, and went on to create a multi-million dollar business, supplying fine meats to many of America’s best-known, high end, world-renowned steak restaurants. (Horatio Alger — are you listening?)

At age 90, Sam still works 18 Hours a day in his business — “Master Purveyors” — and he sleeps 3 hours a night. Before reading Sam’s amazing book, I was sleeping 12 hours a day. Now, suddenly, I have cut that number in half and am back among the living.

This Holocaust survivor’s extraordinary book is not only a riveting tale, which I could not put down — but it should also be required reading in every high school and college history class and, yes, every business class as well.

In reading “Angel of the Ghetto” I may or may not have found God, but I have certainly found one of his angels.

Chuck Prentiss — “Broadway’s Ambassador To The World” — creator and star of the JLTV (Jewish Life Television) popular national one-hour weekly television series, “Chuck Prentiss’ Jewish Broadway.”

Good Book

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By L. K. Whitleyon July 13, 2018

This is a really good book. I enjoyed the story a lot. The character was very interesting and his story was very interesting,. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Carol Seeberon June 21, 2018

wonderful loving story.

Sam was certainly an angel of the ghetto

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Susan on June 20, 2018

A fascinating insight into what life was like in the Polish ghettos under Nazi rule. An inspiring story of a young man who dared to dream, who was brave enough to successfully escape from a train headed to the horror of a Nazi concentration camp and who became a very successful man after the war. Riveting read. Highly recommend.

Sam’s survival as a Jewish boy in the Nazi era in Germany.

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Judy Farnhamon, June 5, 2018

I could not put this book down. It tells of these children escaping the horrors oF the holocaust and existing without adults. Many lost their parents and some did not find them until the end of the war. It tells of Sam’s fight for survival and his help that he gave to others. Sam eventually formed a fighting group that overthrew some of the Nazis. It is really hard to believe these children, as well as adults, can exist under these conditions but they did. There was NO part I didn’t like. I looked forward to reading it every night.

Five Stars

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Amazon Customer on April 18, 2018

This was such an inspirational book. It’s a book everyone should read.

Great Book

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By E S Johnsonon March 17, 2018

Great glimpse into the life of an amazing man. He showed courage and strength and I was happy he met Rose and had the chance to have a great life!

It’s amazing what your body and mind can go through and …

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Lawrence Padolskyon March 5, 2018

You pick this book and you can’t put it down.
It’s amazing what your body and mind can go through and still maintaining the will to live.

Excellent Book

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Edie Gateson February 16, 2018

This book was recommended by my uncle who is Sams neighbor. I will pass this on to my children to read so these times are never forgotten.

Boy triumphs over Nazis

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Stacy Polaufon February 5, 2018

You have to read it to understand this journey of going from a boy to a man during the holocaust

An extraordinary “ Angel of the Ghetto”

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Amazon Customer on January 21, 2018

By now, much of the world has learned of the “ The Holocaust”, but we don’t know the history of each and every survivor. We should be thankful that Sam was able to share his own story, when so many could not. He did what he had to, in order to survive. As a youngster, he was quick-witted enough, to cope with the daily challenges of survival. With no family or friends to guide him, he was able to elude the Nazis and the local people, who could capture and get rewarded for turning him in. The Jewish language has a word that describes Sam’s ability to save himself, it is “Chutzpah”, by passing as a Christian, because of his appearance or to take the chance to jump off the train, on the way to Treblinka, he shows that he was meant to survive.

These same “skills” helped Sam to move forward with his life after the war. He knew what he wanted to accomplish. He came to America, he met his wife. He grew his family and his business. He is immensely proud of his family and his work. He also shares his good fortune with his charitable support of many Jewish charities. More interesting, are visits to Bialystok and his work to re-establish the memory of the Jews who once lived there.

Let us hope that a few more survivors can share their stories of survival, if not in writing, but by sharing their story with those near to them.


5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Nathanon January 14, 2018

An incredible tale of courage and persaverance during a horrible time in history. a real page turner… from a young boy in Poland to a successful businessman in America

An Extraordinary Story That Had To Be Told

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Judy on December 22, 2017

We are losing them all! So many Holocaust survivors are gone, with more leaving us forever every single day. We are but one short moment away from living in a world where there is only hearsay testimony from their adult children and third-level reflections from their grandchildren. All of their descendents struggle, trying to do their best to express the realities of the Shoah and share with us what their parents or grandparents went through. For this reason, every memoir that comes out from a survivor is critically important.

To my mind, few are as remarkable as Angel of the Ghetto by now 89-year- old Sam Solasz. Sam was literally the” angel of the ghetto” in Bialystok. In his book he candidly, and with rare detail, shares what he endured, and how, after losing his entire family, parents and 11 siblings included–and being one of only two people who ever escaped the Treblinka death train–he was able to come to this country on the ship the General Taylor with only $10 in his pocket, and create a remarkable multi-million dollar business. Having helped Sam tell his story over a span of two years and many tears, I can tell you that reading this book will both move and enrich you in more ways than I can count.

An Incredible Survivor’s Tale

5 Star Amazon Reader Review
By Amazon Customer on December 22, 2017

This book gripped my interest and held it intensely until the last page. Sam’s story is filled with danger, courage, heartbreak, and, ultimately, triumph. You can’t help but fall for his kind voice, and feel inspired by his resourcefulness under the most dire circumstances. A must read for any fan of history, or anyone who believes in the American Dream.

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Angel of the Ghetto