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This New Yorker is alive because of his butchering skills

Holocaust survivor Sam Solasz founded the meat butchering empire “Master Purveyors.” Zandy Mangold At 88, Sam Solasz is still going strong and working 80 hours a week — thanks to butchering. Solasz, the owner of Master Purveyors in the South Bronx, says the trade helped him survive the Holocaust. …read the entire article at

Carved from nothing: The unlikely fortune of a Holocaust survivor

In the United States Holocaust Museum, there’s a recovered Nazi document that reveals the escape of two Polish prisoners from a convoy intended for the Treblinka concentration camp. In the South Bronx, there’s an 87-year-old businessman who, even after building a global company and a multi-generational legacy, still thinks about the day he jarred-open the train door and embarked on a new life. the entire article at

From Survival to Prosperity. The story of holocaust survivor Sam Solasz

Sam Solasz was born in Wasilkow, a town near Bialystok, and was interned in the Bialystok Ghetto before escaping a train on its way to Treblinka. Sam was a long time President of The Bialystoker Center in New York City. This last Sunday, Sam was in Bialystok commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of the beginning of the Bialystok Ghetto Uprising. …read the entire article at

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Where’s the Beef? A Steak Makes a Long Journey

The hanging beef arrives long before sunrise, when a 44-foot-long trailer pulls up to Unit B-14 at the Hunts Point Meat Market in the South Bronx. Inside are the carcasses of 100 steers, now divided into twice as many sides at a total weight of about 42,000 pounds—more than $100,000 worth of red meat. The meat has just completed an overnight haul from Chicago, but its journey through one of the world’s largest wholesale food markets to the plates of New York City’s finest steakhouses has just begun. …read the entire article at

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From Polish ghetto to Bronx slaughterhouse

Sam Solasz escaped the Holocaust and started a new life, becoming one of New York’s leading butchers. Read his remarkable story. On a crisp December morning, with daylight still an hour away, I arrived outside Unit B-14 at the Hunts Point Meat Market in the South Bronx. A trio of white-coated workers stood on the loading dock, rubbing their gloved hands together and stomping their feet to keep warm. A guy with a dark wool cap pulled down over his ears explained that they were waiting for a trailer to arrive from Chicago. “It’ll be hauling the carcases of a hundred steers. Once it gets here, we’re lookin’ at four, five hours to unload the stuff.” …read the entire article at

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Meet the Man Behind Peter Lugers’ Steaks (Who Also Helped Make Nathan’s Famous)
In honor of National Men Make Dinner Day on November 6, we chew the fat with 86-year-old butcher Sam Solasz, whose Master Purveyors has supplied meat to the 21 Club, Peter Lugers Steakhouse, and the Hilton Hotel chain. He also helped make Nathan’s famous.Sam Solasz holds the rare distinction of being a famous butcher, but when he arrived in New York in 1951, he was like many others passing through Ellis Island: a 23-year-old Polish immigrant and Holocaust survivor with $10 in his pocket. …read the full article at

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